Music Night – December 2018

In early December during our regular Sunday service we celebrated with music.  We are fortunate to have four accompanists share their talents on the piano and organ.  Thank you to Ruth Roedler, Rhonda Roedler, Lynn Martens and Mary Ellen Speers for your weekly music contributions.  We had some piano solos, Rhonda played the flute and marimba. Lynn and the choir shared several lovely Christmas themed songs.  John Williams played background on his accordion for a story read by Don Holmes.  Then Don and Marnie shared their vocal talents.  Two of our young people also played a selection for us. Hailey and Jaiden we enjoyed your music.  Amanda Holt came from Calgary and was a very special guest soloist.  Agnes Buchanan stepped away from her place in the choir to offer music as well.  I regret that we don’t have photos of everyone but have a couple to share.