Funerals & Memorials

The minister of our church can be contacted at any time to provide comfort and support during the time of death and then when the funeral arrangements are made. The ministry of the church at the time of death is to provide a sacred place where familiar symbols and rituals of faith support and console those who grieve. We recognize the pain of grief and the loss of a loved one.

We also recognize that often there is much to be celebrated and a need for thanksgiving of a precious life.. As people whose faith tells us we are not alone, but surrounded by God’s love and care it is our intent and our hope to be present with you in this time and offer compassion, understanding, and service. Please do direct any questions or concerns to our minister Rev. Maria Szabone Berces at (403) 337-3131 (office) , or (204) 215-0502 (cell).

 Planning the Service

You are welcome to hold either a memorial or funeral service here at Carstairs United church. A memorial service is similar to a funeral service, except that the body of your loved one is not present. Carstairs’ minister is responsible for the oversight of the service that lovingly reflects the life of your deceased relative or friend.

A meeting with the minister is usually required to plan the service and may take up to two hours.

Along with the family, the minister shapes the service in accordance with their needs and the needs of their loved ones. Other items to consider are additions to the service such as candle lighting, prayers for particular individuals, the inclusion of family prayers, favorite scripture readings, or literature.

Our church musicians can be made available to provide music and solos if desired for the service. Please speak with the minister if you would like other arrangements.