An update To members of Carstairs Bancroft United Church 9/15/20

An update To congregation members of Carstairs Bancroft United Church regarding the possibility of live Church Services
The M & P Committee has met recently in the Church on two occasions to discuss the many issues needed to consider, as part of having worship services in the church again.  We had access to and used resources made available by the regional office from the United Church that have been very helpful.  We have also greatly appreciated the assistance Mary Ellen Speers gave us which made the health requirements far less daunting and easier to understand.  We measured the sanctuary and foyer carefully to assure the safe spacing requirement would be met, to determine the number of people that could participate in live services.
We also contacted all congregation members to get their perspectives, concerns and as wide a point of view as possible.  We determined there are several people that want to participate in attendance in services at the Church building as soon as we are able to provide the special preparations to the Church.  We also heard there are several people that do not intend to come to church until 2021.  There are others that continue to wait and listen to authorities and will see in a few weeks.  
We recommended to the Board for it’s Sept 15 meeting that the Church be re-opened to live Worship services again as of Sunday October 4, 2020 with a maximum attendance of 35 people including Maria.  Understanding also that Services would be very different than before the Covid closure.
After careful consideration and much discussion the Board of the Carstairs Bancroft United Church voted to table this decision until a meeting on Tuesday October 13 at 7:00 pm, when this issue can be considered again in light of any new information from the Alberta Health Authority.
Respectfully submitted by M & P Committee Chair, Murray Marsh