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Did You Know


Carstairs Bancroft United Church Women have been making Chili for the Drop-In Centre for 30
years. They started making 9 batches, then moved up to 12 batches and now they make 16

The receipt
72.7 Liters of Pork & Beans
72.7 Liters of crushed Tomatoes
16 – 96 oz cans of tomato soup
8 – 36 Liters of Kidney Beans
49.8 Kg Hamburger
9 Kg Onions
7 Stocks Celery
Chili Powder & salt
Plus any extra donations are added to the mix.

This is enough Chili for one sitting at the Drop-in Centre. The Drop in Centre feeds about 600 at
the noon meal and about 1000 for the evening meal. Over the 30 years they have delivered in the neighborhood of 4000 gallons (18,184 Liters) to the Drop-in  Centre.
The opening of all the tins and the cooking of the Chili is done by 20 volunteers both women & men. The chili is made twice a year (Spring & Fall) costing $700.00 each time.

Congratulations to the UCW & all of the volunteers

Another patch is Done

On the Way to the Drop-In