Did you know ???

That we have a Gold medalist in our congregation


In the summer of 2018 Les Markham flew off to New Brunswick for the Canadian 55 plus summer games.  He was entered in the bowling for 65 – 74.  He won the Bronze medal.  Les told me that it was very different bowling in New Brunswick.  In Alberta, he usually bowls 5 pins but in the Maritimes, it is Candle Stick bowling.  Which means that there are ten pins shaped as slim candlesticks.  He said that strikes were few and far between. Helen Jorgensen came in 4th and Les won the Bronze

In October he was part of the Didsbury Chamber of Commerce group of 75 people that flew to Beijing China.  Some of the high lights were the Great Wall, Ming’s Tomb, Olympic venues, Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, The Summer Palace, and The Temple of Heaven.  They then flew to Shanghai and then by Bus to Hang Zhao.  He visited a Tea Plantation, visited a Buddhist Temple, a silk factory, a silk rug factory and an Acrobatic show in the evening. The food was very different from what we call Chinese food.  Then it was back home, via Shanghai and Beijing.

Once he was back home he was off to Drumheller for the 55 plus winter games in November.  He bowled himself a Gold medal for the 75-year-old plus category.  This will allow him to bowl in the Cold Lake games in March 2019

So the best of Luck in Cold Lake. A Win in Cold Lake will qualify them for the 2020 Canadian Games in Kamloops, BC