The Story of the United Church in Carstairs

The United Church of Canada was formed in 1925 by the amalgamation of the Congregational Church, the Methodist Church and most of the Presbyterian Church. The Methodists and the Presbyterians both established in Carstairs near the turn of the century. When the amalgamation came, the Presbyterians in Carstairs chose to remain independent. As there was no Congregationalist church in Carstairs, the Methodist church became the United Church. It was a three point charge for many years, with a service in Carstairs every sunday, and alternating services at Bancroft (30 Km east) and Cremona (30 Km west).

Our Ministers (click image for name/years of service)

When the Presbyterian church closed most of them came to the United Church. About 1990, Cremona became independent but Bancroft continued to be serviced by the Carstairs Pastoral Charge, meeting in the Midway School. In 1998, the Bancroft congregation decided to join the Sunday Service in Carstairs, and hence the name, Carstairs Bancroft United Church.

The United Church of Canada is more liberal than most churches. It was among the first to accept homosexual ministers, and same sex marriages. It extends baptism, marriage ceremonies, and funeral services to non members, believing that Jesus extended his service to anyone who wanted it.

We are a welcoming church, and our services are open to anyone who wishes to attend.