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Carstairs United Church will strive to make your wedding service a memorable and joyous experience.

As you might expect, we perform religious services here. However, we try to make the service reflect your faith and hopes. You do not have to be a member of this or any church in order to be married here.

The heart of Christian marriage, we believe, lies in the vows. In marriage, we promise to love our spouse in a loving, committed relationship patterned on God’s own love for each of us. Through life-long marriage, we learn to love each other as God loves us.

Fees and Legal Requirements

Our wedding fee is $350.00, which includes the minister, accompanist(piano or organ), administration, and use of the Sanctuary.

A deposit of $100.00 is required upon booking the church.

Fees are subject to change.

You will need a marriage license that can be obtained through any Alberta Registry Agent. Two adult witnesses are required to be at the wedding ceremony.

The license and remaining balance due must be provided at least two weeks prior to the wedding.

Marriage Prep

Supporting Your Relationship

When guests are invited to a wedding they are not only there to watch. Attending a wedding means that a guest is pledging their support to the couple’s relationship. The church is also pledging our support to your relationship and we desire that you will feel free to call upon us for support down the road.

We also want to offer you the best beginning to your marriage that we can. First of all, we invite you to our Sunday morning worship at 10:00 am. This is not a requirement, but a wonderful opportunity to check out our church community, our minister, and our Sanctuary. If you would like, we would be pleased to announce your upcoming wedding at the service and include you in our prayers.

 Planning the Ceremony

Meeting the Minister. Within a couple of months of your wedding, the minister will contact you to schedule two meetings to plan the ceremony. The minister will become acquainted with you personally and go over the service and answer any questions you might have. While we encourage your own creative choices, we ask you to understand that this is a Christian worship service. Our minister officiates at all weddings however, guest clergy may participate or perform the services at the invitation of Carstairs’s minister.

Music. You are invited to speak with the minister about music in the service. We do have musicians in our church who are available to play with sufficient notice. You are welcome to arrange guest instrumentalists or vocalists. Your musical choices should be discussed with the minister at the meetings.

Decorating may be done just prior to the wedding, usually at the rehearsal; pew markers, flowers, candles, etc.

Photography. Please, no photos during the ceremony except when the bridal party enters and leaves the church and during the signing of the register. A designated Photographer is asked to consult with the minister concerning picture taking during the wedding. A video camera may be positioned inconspicuously and operated from that position for the duration of the service.

Rehearsals are held just prior to the wedding and run about 30 mins. We suggest the whole wedding party attend. The minister will confirm your date and time.


Our Sanctuary capacity is 120. The Sanctuary is an attractive “A” frame structure that provides an intimate setting for a wedding. It is equipped with a piano, organ, and sound system. You are invited to come and view the sanctuary by making an arrangement with the minister.

To book the Sanctuary, please phone the church office at 403-337-3131

To book you will need:

  1. Wedding date and time (you may need alternate times)
  2. The approximate number of guests
  3. Contact information for one or both of you