More than One Hundred Years of Faithful Service in Carstairs

The purpose of the church board is twofold: one, to oversee the spiritual interests of the congregation and two, to oversee financial interests. Spiritual interests include planning for worship, administration of sacraments, religious training and outreach. Recording of baptisms, weddings and burials are also part of the spiritual interests.  Financial interests include remuneration of Ministry Personnel and other staff, and care of the church structures

The Board is made up of members from the congregation and they serve a three year term. Doreen Bills is the Chairperson at this time.

The Pastoral Care team has likened our congregation to a strong tree with many branches.  The congregation members are organized into smaller groups and each group is a branch of the tree. Each branch is responsible for pastoral care for each other and also to assist with worship for one month.  As we have lost some members, but also gained new members, the branches are re-organized from time to time to keep them similar in size and to be sure everyone is included in a branch.

The annual Congregational meeting is in February, after church service. We look for people to replace the outgoing members of the church board at that time. The yearly budget is presented at the meeting.

We have many lively discussions at our council meetings as well as many laughs. We endeavor to keep the meetings short-and focused.

Carstairs-Bancroft United Church: “A Church for All People” 

We Are in This Community For:

The Adults
Sunday morning worship service at 10 AM

Young Family
Baptism, weddings, young family gatherings

Women’s groups for many different activities

Neighbours in Difficulties
Church groups & programs that will assist them

Global Community
Sporting mission & service funds for justice and peace in the world